Not Just Flowers

My sister-in-law came for a visit recently and she commented on the decorations in the gardens around the pool. She thought they really added something to the look and feel of the garden. I agree. Most of the items I found at Berry Hill Ltd. which is a great little store in town here. They have many wonderful things to tempt gardeners, birders, farmers or anyone who loves the outdoors.

Variety is the spice of life

I have an assortment of things in the gardens. A rain gauge so that we can tell if we need to water the gardens and a few stepping stones are practical items. Most of the things I have are there just to add some colour and interest. There are a few things though that make the garden a more welcome environment for the birds and insects.

Home Tweet Home

I have two birdbaths, one is raised on a stake and the other is on the ground. On a hot summer day wasps swarm the raised bath, desperate for some moisture. Robins, finches, cardinals and chickadees are all regular visitors to the raised bath. The bath on the ground is frequented by the chipmunks and the mourning doves, who are too heavy for the raised bath. The smaller birds do visit the ground bath too though, it just depends on which feeder they were eating from.

I also have multiple hummingbird feeders and an oriole nectar feeder, which the hummingbirds also use. Hummingbirds are quite territorial so with a feeder in the front, one on the pergola in the back and the oriole feeder in the garden, there are lots of places to feed without getting in each other’s way. Not to mention all the flowers!

We have several bird houses at the back of the property, on the edge of the ravine. Year after year, the wrens claim at least two of them. I’ve also seen sparrows back there. We love having the wrens nesting there because they are insect eaters and master singers. If you’ve never heard a Wren sing, look it up. For such a little bird they’ve got quite a big voice and such a happy song.

Backyard Oasis

All in all, the birds, bees, rodents and I agree with the stone - “life is good here”. Praise the Lord! Enjoy the pictures and get out there and build your own little oasis.