DLF Those of you who have read the Narnia Chronicles should be familiar with the name DLF. If not, it’s time to read the books again! I’m not going to explain it for you. I will tell you that this is the title my husband gave to the lovely little creature I’m going to tell you about shortly. A bit of back story On the farm we had a huge bay window at one end of the house and it had a large garden in front of it.

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Summertime We are now smack in the middle of summer. This one has been hot and dry here in SW Ontario. I’ve had to water the gardens most weeks and the planters every day. Some plants have already stopped blooming but most of them are in full swing now. The bees are busy and there are butterflies everywhere. The hummingbirds are also making their rounds of the gardens but are still visiting the nectar feeders regularly.

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Hollyhocks I love hollyhocks! We used to live on a farm and the two large gardens beside the house were given over entirely to hollyhocks. It was a beautiful display during bloom time. When we moved to our current residence, I decided to plant a butterfly garden and bought a couple of hollyhocks for the back, along the fence. I really like the double flower varieties and picked out a buttery yellow one and a dark pink one.

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